Healthchoices Behavioral Health Agreement

This manual is designed to answer your questions about the behavioural component of the HealthChoices program and to explain how Beacon coordinates the provision of mental health and addiction care to those affected. Among those insured is the Pennsylvania Department of Medical Assistance (DHS), which is registered with HealthChoices. They are called “members” in this manual. Important note: This manual presents many important aspects of the behavioural integrity of the HealthChoices program. The manual and agreement of participating beacon providers jointly describe the requirements and procedures that network operators must follow to be included in the Beacon network. Beacon reserves the right to interpret and interpret the terms or conditions of this manual and to modify it at any time, at its sole discretion. In the event of an inconsistency between the manual and the participating supplier agreement, the provisions of the participating supplier agreement apply. Thank you for your participation in our network of suppliers. We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship as we work together to provide HealthChoices members with responsive treatment and support. The manual begins with an introduction to the HealthChoices program, followed by a list of services covered by the program. The beacon workflow process is described in its entirety, from transferring the member to suppliers and authorizing services, from filing and paying claims to helping to resolve problems. All required forms are included in the appropriate section for your use or readily available on our Beacon website.

Your adherence to the guidelines in this manual will help Beacon grant you timely service permissions and fee refunds. If you have any questions or comments when reading the manual or at any other time, call our free supplier number at 877-615-8503. The free supplier number is also listed on the contact website, as well as other phone numbers and relevant information.