Chemtrade Union Agreement

20.2 Within ten (10) business days of the announcement of dissatisfaction, an employee shall be informed in writing of any written statement of dissatisfaction with his or her work. This may include notification that management is reviewing a specific problem, circumstance or situation to determine if further action is required before making a decision on corrective action. This communication is addressed to the Union and further action is to be taken within the next five (5) working days. An extension of these deadlines may be granted by mutual agreement, which must not be inappropriately refused. Business agent Mick Vendafreddo and De union striker Antonio Lungaro led the negotiations to reach a strong agreement with ChemTrade. Teamsters receive salary increases of 11.5 percent over the duration of the contract. Local 710 also negotiated the creation of an Employment Improvement Program (JEP) to generate additional wage increases. To benefit from this, drivers go through different training programs to obtain additional salaries in addition to their contractual salary increases. 1.1 The objective of this Agreement is to establish, in recognition of a common interest between the enterprise and the trade union, the promotion of the fundamental principles of creativity and innovation in broadcasting and of the greatest cooperation and friendly spirit between the enterprise and its employees, conditions of service, timetables and conditions of employment to be respected between the parties, and a procedure for the immediate implementation and fair adaptation of complaints. To that end, this Agreement shall be signed in good faith by both Parties. (c) If the Company intends to schedule one employee for ten (10) hours of visits or to return to eight (8) hours of visits, the Employee shall be notified no later than twenty-four (24) calendar days before the first day of the change. It is recognized that certain circumstances may arise in the event of a commercial emergency or unexpected absence if such notice is not feasible.

In such cases, the notice period may be reduced by mutual agreement between the parties to ten (10) working days, if this is reasonable. Teamsters Local 710 is a subsidiary of Teamsters Joint Council 25, the main U.S. union for Chicago, Illinois and northwestern Indiana. 12.1 The Company will not hinder, restrict or coerce employees due to affiliation with legal or legal activities on behalf of the Union. The undertaking shall not discriminate on behalf of the Union as regards recruitment, duration of employment or duration of employment, nor shall it discourage membership of the Union, nor shall it seek to promote membership of another trade union. The company will not act in any other way, prohibited by section 184 or 186 of the Canada Labour Act. 24.1 By mutual agreement between the head of department and the employee, the employee may collect compensatory leave for work that exceeds eight (8) hours per normal day or for work performed on the scheduled day off or a general holiday. 25.8 If an urgent family matter requires an employee to be absent from work, the employee may, with the agreement of the company, use up to two (2) working days of sick leave in accordance with section 26 in respect of such absences or absences during each year of the collective agreement.

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