Un Yemen Stockholm Agreement

• An immediate ceasefire will enter into force in the city of Hodeidah, the ports of Hodeidah, Salif and Ras Issa and the governorate after the signing of this agreement. The agreements reached that day concerned the port and city of Hodeidah, the release of prisoners and the lifting of the siege of the city of Taiz. Unfortunately, no agreement was reached on the economy or opening of Sana`a airport, although extensive discussions took place because the Huthis were not seriously engaged. The reaction against the unilateral Houthi transfers and their confirmation by the UN has been swift and noisy. [fn] A common argument on anti-Houthi social media was that Griffiths` actions helped “legitimize the coup militias,” an allusion to the Houthis` fall of the Hadi government in 2015. “The UN has ignored the power imbalance between the belligerents. The government was cornered and pressured by regional and international powers, while the Houthis were positioned on an equal footing with the legitimate government, giving them a victory simply because it showed up,” Khattab al-Rawhani, a Yemeni journalist, wrote in a June 13 Twitter post. twitter.com/alkhatabyemen/status/1139191997951107074.Hide footnote A social media campaign attacking the UN envoy for pro-Houthi bias gained momentum and public attacks on the envoy became a joke. espread. President Hadi sent a written complaint to the UN Secretary-General and temporarily refused to speak with the envoy. [fn] Letter to crisis group filed and verified by Crisis Group Interview, Yemeni government official, New York, May 2019.

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